How to use EZCrypt

EZCrypt is completely self-contained in a single file which needs NO installation - simply download EZCrypt.exe and run it from any directory, it just works (why aren't ALL Windows programs this simple?). EZCrypt makes NO changes to your Registry or anything else on your disk, except the file you want it to write out (the Encrypted file). To remove EZCrypt, you do not need to "un-install" anything - just delete the EZCrypt.exe file!

To use EZCrypt:

The Output file name and location are pre-set to an inital default value. You may leave this as is, or you may change the path and/or file name if you prefer (this is where the encrypted or decrypted data will be written).
Next, select the file you wish to use as the "One-time Pad" file. This file can be any file at all, but the encryption will be more secure if you use a "binary" file, such as an .mp3 or .exe file or, better yet, a .zip file.
The best security will be when you use a VERY LARGE "pseudo-random" file, one that is at least 100 megabytes. This will make your encryption safe against all types of cryptoanalysis.
Then click on the "Encrypt/Decrypt" button.
You will see the first few characters of the Input file, and of the Output data. The output data has now been written to the Output file.

This process works both to Encrypt and to Decrypt. Of course, you must Decrypt using the same One-time Pad file that was used to Encrypt the data in the first place.
If the Input file is one that has been created (Encrypted) by EZCrypt, the program will detect this fact and automatically Decrypt the data.
If the Input file is NOT an EZCrypt-Encrypted file, then EZCrypt will Encrypt it, marking the output file so that it will automatically be recognized as an Encrypted file by the EZCrypt program.

As long as you use a large pseudo-random file for the "One-time Pad", and you do not let The Enemy have access to that file, you will be totally safe from all prying eyes. EZCrypt will encrypt ANY type of file, of ANY size, using a One-Time Pad file of ANY size; but the One-time Pad really ought to be larger than the "plaintext" file, to be secure against certain types of cryptographic attacks.
Simply mail a CD containing a One-time Pad file to your friend(s), and all correspondence and other files encrypted with EZCrypt will be completely 100% private.
Mailing a CD is one secure way to get the One-time Pad file to your friend, but any secure channel will be equally satisfactory. You could simply hand the CD (or a diskette or ZIP Disk) to your friend. You can also use different One-time Pad files for different friends, for added security (since someone considered a friend today may not be one tomorrow).

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